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Our diverse backgrounds and qualifications are here to support you to create change and achieve your life goals with practical advice and strategies to be your best self.

Just imagine you could look inside yourself and touch the very parts of you that don’t connect right, that feel troubled…imagine what you could do…. maybe there is a way…allow yourself to change, to maneuvre it so it doesn’t pull you down or rule you anymore.

We know that illness, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, stress and negativity can pull you down.  Just being positive doesn’t work either.  We truly understand, we have been there.  We have come together to share with people how we turned ourselves around and give you the skills to flip your experiences and break the patterns that bind you…our passion is to inspire and empower you to embrace change…to see the choices you have and help you to know how to make new choices, creating different actions and giving you positive outcomes

Life is for living so let’s join together and create the space needed to make the change…don’t be a hostage to your pain, loss, disappointments, habits, and patterns…life is precious…embrace it!

Yvette Karan
Yvette Karan
Intuitive Mentor…and would be comedian!
Learn the Secrets of Yourself and be the Master of You…
Lindsey Parkinson
Lindsey Parkinson
Body Mentor…surprisingly strong!
Our bodies tell a story…what’s yours telling you?
Kerry Burridge
Kerry Burridge
Coach & Bodyworker - Straight talker and gets the job done!
Follow the path that makes you happy…

Phone: 0330 1132 739
3 The Stables, Wellingore Hall, Wellingore
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN5 0HX