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Home Study & Self Development
“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you, if you are determined to learn no one can stop you”  –  Zig Ziglar

We are passionate about helping you to help yourself and we recognise attending an event or course in person is not always possible.  This is why we have developed our Home Study Online Courses.  Personal development is vital to your own personal growth, confidence and fulfillment; the rewards in knowing yourself and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone are limitless.  As Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Our Home Study courses in Reiki are a very deep yet gentle way to help yourself, build your connection to your true inner powerful self and enhance every aspect of your continued personal development.

Our Home Study Reiki One Course is the first step in your own personal journey…

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Reiki One Home Study has been designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  Having guided students through each Reiki level; Reiki One, Two, Advance & Master Teacher we have witnessed the profound effects this healing system has for those who follow it.  This study is the culmination of all our years of learning and teaching, as well as living by the Reiki Principles and experiencing first hand the benefits of Master Mikao Usui’s, the founder of Reiki, teachings.

  • Receive your Reiki Manual and Workbook direct to your inbox
  • Guided Reiki Attunement in the comfort of your own home
  • Opportunity to join our live workshops and receive your Attuenment in person if you so wish
  • Certificate is given on completion of the course
  • Becoming a member of our community you will receive offers to join our live trainings at an exclusive members’ rate
  • Help is at hand, again as a member of our growing community you will receive exclusive offers for one-to-one mentoring

Reiki helps with:

  • Identifying  your  Issues and shows you how to help yourself
  • Feeling more Energised 
  • Creating Balance within Yourself
  • Anxiety, Stress, Fears and Pain
  • Relaxation, Sleep and Frame of Mind
  • Creating a Space for Discipline 
  • Help you to Gain Clarity 

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“Completing my First Degree Reiki has helped me meet the challenges of my life in a whole new way.  The team at YLK Mentors are so inspiring, they have actually transformed my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone thinking about taking Reiki to join the YLK Mentors community.  I am truly excited about continuing my journey and taking the Reiki Two course…Thank you so much”
– C Hughes (Yorkshire)

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