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Creating the Space to be Enough – One of our Signature Workshops

October 22 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm



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Just for a moment  picture yourself standing in a beautiful place feeling calm, clear headed, and connected – you truly feel that you are on your own path knowing all is well. Then see what you are doing right now in your life and picture it through this feeling. Know that it is amazing, full and very rewarding. See the friends and people who are in your life, but see how amazing that is. They are always so caring and loving and all is at its greatest. What could go wrong?…Then notice someone familiar to you standing to the side, and they see your life as this most amazing dream and they compare themselves to your life, to you, where you are and what you are doing. They know they owe themselves a duty to their own wellbeing, but it is so out of reach as their life is not like yours. They do not have this dream of a life that they see you have. In many ways they don’t see that they have actually disengaged themselves from their own lives in order to dream of someone else’s. They have stopped having appreciation for what they have and who they are, leaving them craving for what they believe others have.   Then arises this question – why am I feeling like I’m not enough?  If you say it enough times you will truly believe it.



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This workshop will help you to take a deeper look at what is behind your thoughts and fears, and how to implement strategies to become more aware and mindful of what is going on under the surface. This can create a space that will help you to question the way you are looking to benefit you more.

  • Learn how comparing yourself to others can enhance those feelings of not being enough
  • Learn to understand what your enough looks like
  • See how to banish the chatter which is chipping away at your confidence
  • Acceptance has a large part to play in this ‘enough’ – know why and learn how to challenge yourself in a good way


Come and learn where does this criteria/desire for being enough come from?


Come and join others in imagining what it looks like to be enough – to learn how you have everything you desire and that you are already truly the person you want to be.

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