The Journey to Empowerment


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Taking a journey to empower yourself can sometimes feel daunting and on occasions it can feel hard, difficult, and may even require you to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. It is however exciting and, of course, empowering at the same time! The key element needed to empower yourself is to know the story that has been running your life.

The story that we tell ourselves can come from our life experiences – which can be negative and positive – and can cloud our perspective of our own life. It might have even started before you were even aware. And this story might have been empowering your life up till NOW.

Until you see the stories that are running your life – the perspective which you have created of your own life – and the impact it has had, you will remain limited and stuck.

With no fault of your own, I am sure that you will all be able to recall a story that has influenced your life, and like myself at one time, you may feel like you are a prisoner to your past experiences. Maybe you haven’t come to that understanding yet, but you will. Once you see, understand and accept the story that you carry, you will become aware of the patterns and behaviours that have been created within your life. You then have a choice…to remain where you are or to choose to see things through a different lens! This is what the journey is all about: learning from our own  experiences (be they nice or negative) and turning them into something empowering and transformative.

Empowerment is at the foundation of all we seek to help you achieve.  Standing fully in YOU, in your own power, positively enhances and expands all areas of your life.  It is the place from which everything flows with ease.  This theme runs through our one-to-ones and all of our work, yet it is so powerful and transformative it has become a group event in its own right – The Journey to Empowerment.

Yvette created this event after meeting Tony Robbins and sharing her story with thousands of how she healed herself from a tumour and illness, and turned her life around. She will never forget how Tony Robbins shouted at the top of his very loud deep voice, ‘this lady knows how to do it’, and encouraged Yvette to share her understanding with you.

The only person who can truly empower you… is YOU! However, many people believe they don’t know how to empower themselves. This event will show you the true story you are telling yourself, what’s causing it and how to change it.  Our inner language is the true key.  The team at YLK Mentors will teach you how simple it is to gain the tools for yourself; to stand strong within yourself and be empowered with everything that you have ever been.

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