Ambassador : Rachel Petheram

“If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be a florist and a Reiki Master I would have cracked up laughing. I did a degree in animal science at Leeds University and went on to lecture in Nutritional Science at De Montfort University and the University of Lincoln and I have a PhD in animal nutrition.

I started to grow cut flowers as a hobby when my husband and I bought our cottage in Lincolnshire and I grew some of the flowers for our wedding.  I very quickly realised what all gardeners know, that being outside, connected with nature, working with my hands is absolutely vital for my mental wellbeing.

My hobby very quickly turned into something greater and in 2006 I set up my business, Catkin.

I discovered that I suffered with severe anxiety and had a couple of awful periods where it seemed like nothing could make it go away. I could manage it, but it was always there, filling part of my life with fear and dread. Lindsey had been recommended to me to help with tension in my neck and shoulders and she knew that my physical body was responding to my mental pain and referred me to Yvette.

Through Yvette and Lindsey I discovered Reiki and have subsequently trained up to Reiki Master level. The understanding that I gained enabled me to see that teaching, flowers, nature and Reiki are intertwined and all of these elements inform and support the others.

I practice Reiki through my flowers, they have an energy and an ability to heal and transform. With Yvette and Lindsey’s support this flower therapy has been extended to one to one flower therapy sessions, floral retreats and mindfulness walks.  I believe nature has the power to heal, and beautiful personal transformation can be achieved through connection with flowers and nature.  I hope I have the privilege of helping you along the way.”

Rachel runs beautiful floral retreats, mindfulness walks and one to one nature therapy and reiki treatments. Gift vouchers are also available.

To enquire further about Rachel’s work and to book your place please email us HERE


Phone: 0330 1132 739
Holly House, Queens Crescent,
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN1 1LR