Kerry Burridge

Kerry has now joined the rest of the team in Lincoln and is offering appointments for Massage and Reiki! To book an appointment, please contact the team here


I really understand what it feels like to be in pain. Sometimes, we don’ see the obvious thing about moving forward. Many years ago, I was in a different place; not only was my body hurting but most thing in life were not working for me. I found that I was using all the excuses under the sun not allow any help into my life. I always thought I could do it on my own. I allowed myself to become comfortable in a place of awkwardness. When I met the team members, they helped me to take the courage to move on in my life.

Life doesn’t just stop there. As they say, life is about growing, and we stand still we become too comfortable. Over the years, I have grown in many different directions from doing Reiki and Massage to helping adults and children overcome their fear of water and swimming. I am sure like everybody else, when COVID arrived, it turned my life upside down and found any opportunity of any job that I could do to tide me over. Then I knew I wanted to move, where in the past I would have allowed fear to grab me. I saw a great opportunity, sold my house, and moved closer to the team.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to reach out of the body that may cage us and keep us from realising our fullest potential. Whether that is through Massage, Reiki, or overcoming your aquaphobia, I am here to help you balance both mind and body. I am currently looking at new opportunities to base my swim and aquaphobia coaching in Lincoln, but if you are interested in starting your swimming journey to overcome your fear of water, please contact me here. Fore more information on this, please follow the link     KB Swim & Coaching

Phone: 0330 1132 739
Holly House, Queens Crescent,
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN1 1LR