Love and Kindness starts with You
No matter the destination the journey is a lot more fulfilling when you travel with the whole of YOU.

Our mission is to help you to understand the importance of YOU, and how helping yourself can truly help others. It’s so true that if you want to heal or help others, you first need to learn how to do that for yourself.  If you do not LOVE yourself to the fullest, and we mean love yourself with respect (not with an ego), you will attract relationships, careers and a life that are not as fulfilling.

We have noticed that people who have come to us all talk in the same way: they are all seeking human connection, kindness, love, acceptance, support, and respect from others, and this is because we have been taught to seek it out rather than connect with ourselves and find it within ourselves. It has been a part of the human condition that has been going on for centuries. Maybe you are reading this because you have decided that you want to change.

We come together as a team to create a space for you where you can understand how you have gotten to where you are – a space full of compassion, that is comfortable for you, where we can pull out the issues you have, maybe bash them around a little, and help you to understand their presence in your life (without any bats to hit yourself with). Ultimately, we are here to empower you with the tools needed to take your life forward in the direction you have always desired.

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We have a couple of thoughts to give you:

If we’re told that it is selfish to look at ourselves, to help ourselves, or to even give something to ourselves, our question is how does that help YOU, how does it make YOU feel?

If we’re taught that you need to look for love because it will make you feel whole does that make you feel LOVED?

If you’re taught that you have to be kind to others and you never show that KINDNESS to yourself, how will that make you feel?

You are the key   to make the changes in your life that are needed.

Yvette Karan
Yvette Karan
Intuitive Mentor, Coach & Hypnotherapist, NLP Couch for Children & Adults …and would be comedian!
Learn the Secrets of Yourself and be the Master of You…
Lindsey Parkinson
Lindsey Parkinson
Bodyworker, Mentor & Coach…surprisingly strong!
Our bodies tell a story…what’s yours telling you?
Ambassador: Ruth Karan
Ambassador: Ruth Karan
We are really happy to introduce Ruth Karan – Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master, Writer, Poet, Proofreader, and Historian – as an...

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