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We offer different levels of Reiki:

Reiki OneFor you

Reiki TwoTo further develop your understanding and/or to become a practitioner (optional)

Advanced ReikiTo work with Reiki intuitively and to develop a deeper trust with yourself and the energy

Reiki MastersTo become a Reiki teacher

You can choose to attend our venues, or learn in the comfort of your own home. We do Online courses so you can take your time or do our Virtual Reiki Home Study with the interaction of YLK Mentors.

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We teach Reiki as a tool to help build the connection with YOU and develop your self-esteem.  Reiki helps stimulate the energy flow which in turn encourages positive changes throughout the body and mind. The understanding of Reiki is that it’s connected to the ancient Chinese Meridian Theory. This belief means that when your meridians are blocked it can create negative energy flowing through the body. It is this negative energy that can lead to fear, anxiety and confusion. Anxiety stops your flow, which creates illness and disharmony.  Reiki can help clear this negative energy and enable you to see what lies beneath.  All things are connected to past, present, emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  By connecting to yourself you’ll build a pathway to strengthen and maintain the health of your body and mind, to understand yourself and your experiences through life. Remember, Reiki is only one way in which you can connect to yourself that is best complimented by other methods (and not just energetic ones).

When you learn Reiki and use its principles you are helping both yourself and the people around you.  Reiki is about giving energy to you as well as others.  First and foremost it is a discipline to reconnect to you rather than the obstacles standing in your way – it allows you to show up every day to do your best, using the energy to drive you towards change.

Reiki is taught in different levels: Reiki One, Reiki Two, Advanced and Masters.  The purpose for Reiki One is to connect to the self and help yourself build a solid foundation.  Reiki Two isn’t just about becoming a practitioner, as you may not want to take this step, but it is also about developing your understanding, sharing and giving the energy to you, your friends and your family. When you began your Reiki One, the purpose may have been to heal, to get to know yourself and the feeling of Reiki.  Reiki Two is about developing this understanding of you and the power of the energy itself. When each level is completed a certificate is given.

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Reiki, as an energy force, enables you to really see, and know yourself – how we as humans work and function. Therefore, by understanding yourself, you will be able to understand other people and recognise the conscious and unconscious factors in people’s actions.

Yvette, Lindsey and Kerry often explain that “We all have the power to heal ourselves”.  Each and every one of us has the power to heal ourselves from within; the problem seems to be how and the importance of keeping the discipline up. Maybe it’s because there is an unconscious expectation that it will happen overnight.  Those who have taken the Reiki training with us have explained that they found the framework and principles provided by Reiki to be the best tools to teach them the “how” and provide the discipline they needed.

Denise Tomlinson – Ginestas, France “[I gained]…an understanding of what Reiki is and how to use it but most importantly a better understanding of myself.  I feel like I’ve been given an amazing gift!  This is a truly enlightening & life changing course.  It is taught with grace and humour by three amazingly talented, kind and respectful mentors.  I would recommend to anyone who would like to understand themselves and the universe better.”


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If you enjoy studying in your own time perhaps our Reiki Home Study Courses  are for you. We also do Virtual online learning with the Team from YLK Mentors.

To find out more about upcoming courses please visit our events page  or contact us here.

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