Ambassador: Ruth Karan

We are really happy to introduce Ruth Karan – Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master, Writer, Poet, Proofreader, and Historian – as an ambassador of our team. Her insights and abilities have enabled a lot of our clients to gain clarity and understanding of their journey. Her passion for writing shows through all her readings and talents that she has. If you would like to book a Tarot Reading, go to our shop, or contact Ruth     HERE

I have been a tarot card reader and reiki practitioner for quite a few years now and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to do readings for people outside of my group of friends and family. When I was figuring out how I would do readings, I found myself struggling with the traditional idea of a live reading. It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable with it, only that it didn’t fit into my vision of how I would do this kind of work.

We trace our lives in running circles, always waiting for a new path to show – Ruth Karan

So, instead I decided to pair it with one of my favourite occupations – writing! I am a writer and poet, and naturally the idea of offering written tarot readings, in the form of a letter, was beyond perfect. I wanted to use a skill that featured regularly in my everyday life, so that I can deliver something potentially meaningful and clarifying for a person who perhaps needed a little guidance or sign that they were heading in the right direction.

My proof reading skills have lead me in many directions. If you want to inquire about any proof reading please contact me –   HERE

The idea that someone could read the tarot reading over and over again is very important to me as I found people would always look back at their last reading and start to connect the dots – it is something that they can cherish and keep, a written guide as it were to study, make notes, and return to if they found it forgotten in the bottom of a drawer.

I am a collector of sorts, of all things meaningful. I keep little things that store memories and people, places and events – gifts that symbolise moments in my own life as well as the person who gave it to me. I have letters and postcards, doodles and birthday tags. So, the idea of written tarot readings really stuck with me.

My words are ultimately here to inspire you and help you use tarot for self-reflection as you face the future ahead of you. I am here to help you use tarot to pull away the fog and discover the answers that you are looking for.

If you would like to follow Ruth you can find her on Instagram    HERE   on Tumblr     HERE

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