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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”
– Helen Keller

Our Online Courses in Reiki are a very deep yet gentle way to help yourself, build the connection to your true inner powerful self and enhance every aspect of your continued personal development. We are passionate about helping you to help yourself and we recognise that attending an event or course in person is not always possible.  This is why we have developed our Online Courses, available in two formats – Home Study Online and Virtual Live Online. 

You will need no prior qualifications or understanding to take the Reiki One course, but it will be necessary in order to take the Reiki Two, Advanced Reiki, and Reiki Master Courses, and to have completed the course level preceding each one. This requires proof of completion evident in a certificate.

Choose the course which is best for you – Home Study or Virtual Live. 

These courses are aimed at anyone who wants to achieve this understanding in Reiki, helping you reach your goals without the limitations of time or distance, with courses ranging from Reiki One to Reiki Master Level. We also hold Reiki Mornings throughout the year, sharing different understandings of Reiki with our current students and encompassing a variety of themes.

Home study Online 

These are done on your own time at your own pace. It is completed via a download that once finished is sent back to us for marking. You do not need to attend any virtual online sessions; all that is required is that you follow the Reiki Manual and complete the exercises given to you in the Reiki Workbook. To book on any of these courses, follow the links below to our shop:

Once you have purchased the course, you will receive a few emails with instructions on completion of the course and the Reiki Workbooks for you to download.

Virtual Live Online 

In addition to receiving your Reiki Manual & Workbook, you will complete the course alongside other students in virtual online sessions. These sessions will be held Live, online, and will give you the chance to interact and work with other students, whilst being guided through the material provided. These will be set dates that will be given throughout the year for you to choose from (please understand that these will be updated for every new event that is set). Each course is taken over a few sessions, which will allow you to get involved and ask questions. You will also be able to practice what you have learnt after each session and before the next, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Reiki teachings.

In this course, you will receive your own Reiki Manual, Workbook, and Diary direct to your home, which will be sent out to you before the course. You can find our available course days on our event page – please select the dates suited to you. 

  • Reiki One – Virtual Live Study Only
  • Reiki Two – Virtual Live Study Only
  • Reiki Advanced Virtual Live Study Only
  • Reiki Masters Teachers – Virtual Live Study Only

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Read below to find out more about what the courses entail:

Reiki One 

There are many ways in life to expand your knowledge of helping yourself and deepening the relationship with you. Reiki One is just one source of energy that may help to assist with this understanding and what you want out of life.

This course is designed solely around you and your own personal development by building up your connection to the Reiki energy. Students will be given the opportunity to practise and use a discipline to maintain this connection in order to enrich your process of learning. All work needs to be completed to gain your Certified Certificate.

  • You will learn the understandings of reiki and its story
  • How to work with the energy using mediations
  • Understanding the way Reiki works with you
  • Chakras
  • How to treat yourself
  • How to use Reiki in your every day life to help with stress or struggles

Reiki Two  

Reiki Two is designed to move away from the focus on the self to the focus on others with a wider perspective of the Reiki energy. But this course isn’t just about becoming a practitioner – some of you may not want to take this step – it is also about sharing and giving the energy to you, your friends, and your family.

Reiki, as an energy force, enables you to really see and know yourself, how we as humans work and function. Therefore, by understanding yourself you will be able to understand other people and recognise the conscious and unconscious factors in people’s actions. In this course, you will learn how to conduct a complete Reiki treatment on another person and keep up a discipline in practising the Reiki. All work needs to be completed to gain your Certified Certificate.

  • You will learn the connection of the Chakras and the body
  • The symbolism and meanings of the body structure
  • The Reiki Symbols
  • Understanding the sensations during a treatment
  • How to treat someone
  • Distance Healing
  • Client Case Studies

Advanced Reiki  

A central aspect of the Reiki and our understanding is that it holds no judgement. If the input of our own words, thoughts, and actions affect ourselves then you can imagine how it would affect others. Learning about this cause and effect can help you to let go of any judgement for these issues, which the Reiki teachings can guide you through.

This is what Advanced Reiki is all about: connecting to your own intuition, compassion, and understanding without any judgement. In this level of the Reiki, you will learn to let go of the structure and discipline set up for you in order for you to develop and use your own intuition in its place. All work needs to be completed to gain your Certified Certificate.

  • Understanding the deeper connection of the Reiki & the connections your clients need
  • How to see what each induvial needs  to help release stress
  • Working with the breath to release worry & pain
  • Tapping into your client using your intuition


What Others Say

“I had always thought that Reiki was a bit weird and ‘out there’ and not the sort of thing that I would be drawn to but having experienced Reiki treatments from Yvette and Lindsey I became intrigued about something that seemed to be very powerful and effective. I went on the Reiki one course to find out a bit more about it and to see if I could use it primarily to manage anxiety and stress. The course was so much more than I imagined and gave me a tool that I use every day to manage stress but also to enhance my work. I work in a creative industry and it gives me the space and confidence to work in the best way I can. I was so impressed with the Reiki one course that I did Reiki two soon after. It is a powerful tool to help to maintain your own well being and that of others around you and it is something that I use every day now almost without thinking. The support and guidance from YLK mentors has been exceptional and it has been a truly life enhancing experience.” 

Rachel Petheram from Catkin Flowers 


“Completing my First Degree Reiki has helped me meet the challenges of my life in a whole new way.  The team at YLK Mentors are so inspiring, they have actually transformed my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone thinking about taking Reiki to join the YLK Mentors community.  I am truly excited about continuing my journey and taking the Reiki Two course…Thank you so much”
– C Hughes (Yorkshire)

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