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Our diverse backgrounds and qualifications are here to support you to create change and achieve your life goals; with practical advice and strategies to be your best self.
Our Signature Workshops; – The Journey – To Empower Yourself

Our Signature Workshops; – The Journey – To Empower Yourself

Take a journey to challenge the story that you are empowering in your life. Break free from your physical or mental chains.

Lindsey’s approach to Wellness

Lindsey’s approach to Wellness

Bringing awareness and understanding to your body, mind and soul can alleviate aches and pains. Learning to connect to the physical body can bring...

Working With Yvette -Create The Change You Want

Working With Yvette -Create The Change You Want

Do you want to make that change in your life but feel stuck? YOU can make change, the secret is having the understanding and guidance

Reiki Training  – Create the Life You Want

Reiki Training – Create the Life You Want

Use a discipline to build your self belief, intuition and trust to create that solid foundation, so nothing will make you topple.

Mentoring Groups

Mentoring Groups

Our community is here to support and guide you all through your amazing journey, let’s hold each other accountable and help one another...

Online Courses  –  Reiki Training

Online Courses – Reiki Training

There is always a way to help yourself, take action and conquer any fears, anxiety, stress, issues that you have. Build your confidence and change...



No holds barred, no punches disallowed, forget the Queensberry rules of therapy you may have thought applied. Ignore your safe zones and prepare to be read like a book. Prepare indeed to be studied to a point where you are read better than you thought you knew yourself.

With a mixture of talking therapy, Reiki and past life regression, Yvette made me look at the world and my life in a much more positive light. I had dark, suicidal thoughts, a deep buried chest of issues and severe self-doubt/loathing before our sessions and I wasn't connecting with my wife as a normal couple should. Since our sessions, we have been stronger together as a unit/family and personally speaking, I have felt elegant, confident and proud of myself.

I have had professional therapy for issues from both NHS and Police Occupational Therapy and nothing touches the work Yvette does. I have gone from a deluded, emotional, quasi alcoholic wreck to an engaged, confident, mindful human being who has been reborn in his chosen role as husband, father and manager of people and said people have commented in the positive on the changes that have occurred.

I would recommend Yvette to anyone suffering from depression/anxiety/self-confidence issues wholeheartedly and thank her so much for helping me become the person I am today.

Gareth Walters Retail Manger

I saw Lindsey for full body work for general stress and strains. I always felt very relaxed afterwards and it was always bespoke. Lindsey then sensed some emotional issues from my body and referred me to Yvette.

Yvette helped me identify historical baggage which was affecting my current relationships. I was then able to let this go. I learned to step away from my need to fix people and situations, which in turn had a healing effect on myself.

Yvette used a wonderful combination of warmth, humour, Reiki, hypnosis, past life regression and intuitive guidance. I became more comfortable asking for help and felt safe talking through my vulnerabilities honestly with her. I believe everyone can use some guidance in life. I even learned I can connect to my unconscious despite being skeptic of myself!

I later brought in my husband for some joint sessions which allowed more honest communication and connection with each other. He also had some I individual work. Our relationships and family life have improved immensely and we now feel able to flow through life more easily and enjoy the now.

I have reconnected to my spiritual interests and I attended the Reiki 1 & 2 combined course. I learned how to heal myself and others through the connection to energy.

As a psychological therapist I have gained some general skills that I feel will help myself and clients. I recommend Yvette and the team very highly, and will continue to use their services in the future.

Laura Walters Psychological Therapist

‘At the age of 18 I was in a very dark place. I had countless issues including; low self esteem, bad family relationships, zero confidence or belief in myself, binge eating problems. I was depressed and regularly self harming. I dropped out of university and felt that I had no place in the world. I was living with constant daily thoughts that life was not worth living and actively researching a way out.

I now count myself incredibly lucky that I found Yvette when I did. I had been forced to a number of psychiatrists previously who did more harm than good. Yvette is the only person who got through to me and thank god she did. Yvette has plenty of empathy and compassion, and was the first person I’d met who understood me completely. It was what I needed to change my life. She allowed me to recognise the source of my low feelings and gradually over time she has helped me to heal. It would not be exaggerating to state that, if not for Yvette, I would not be here today.

Almost 6 years on, I am unrecognisable in comparison to my old self. Yvette opened my eyes and helped me realise my passions. I have achieved so much in a short space of time, including going back to university and gaining a first class degree, amongst other career successes. I have improved family relationships. I have dropped the constant anger that I tirelessly carried around with me all the time and took out on myself. I can’t even remember the last time I self harmed. I found my personality and gained confidence. I finally have the ability to love and open myself up to others. I have comfortably travelled around the world on my own. Most of all, I have gained my self worth.

It has not been an easy journey and it has taken years, but I am now incredibly happy with my life. I will forever be grateful to this amazing woman and her constant support. I cannot recommend her services enough. No matter what stage of life you are at, or what issues you may be facing, you will not regret choosing to let Yvette help you to change your life.’

Hattie xx

Hattie Nutritionist

I have been under Lindsey’s care for bodywork for a little over a year now.  When I look back the improvement has been amazing.  I have had arthritis since I was in my 20’s and it has been a constant struggle to keep my joints mobile and the pain levels down.  I was recommended to Lindsey by a friend and it the best recommendation I have ever had.  Lindsey has a unique balance of detailed knowledge of the body’s physiology and anatomy -  and an understanding of the energy systems that flow through the body.  This combination allows Lindsey to work both on the physical and energetic levels with fantastic results.  I trust her completely and can let her mobilise my joints and clear energy blockages without fear of being put in any pain or stress.   I have experienced both massage and Thai massage with Lindsey.   I have not felt so well for years - with the increased mobility and lessened pain I am able to do more and so the effects are multiplied but Lindsey was my starting point.

Susie Cambridge
Susie Cambridge Nutritionist & MLD Therapist

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