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Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher – Oprah Winfrey


Hi and welcome to you all! This page is about the community groups that we are building here on Facebook for the lovely community that has sprung up from YLK Mentors.

You, the community of people already existing and thriving as a result of our workshops and events, are at the heart of why we created these groups. Sometimes what is needed is a little guidance and support within a safe space filled with other like-minded individuals willing to share their own guidance and unique perspective. In these communities, you will be able to interact with our Team and ask any questions you wish – you may even wish to answer questions and help others yourself. You will also have access to offers  for future workshops and events and you will have the opportunity to connect with each other and support each other through the coming times.

Click on the links and come join in. Once you have joined, remember to change your notifications to receive all posts. This way you will be notified when we share new information.

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‘YLK Reiki Community’

This group is for you if you have trained in Reiki at any level – you can even join if you haven’t passed yet, as sometimes its more about the journey than the destination we find ourselves at, or if your qualification is with someone outside of YLK Mentors – all are welcome!

Reiki  is a way to help yourself, to build your connection with your intuition and inner self. Sometimes this just means connecting to your inner thoughts and recognising where they are coming from.

Reiki  is a Japanese technique which is often used to reduce stress and help with relaxation. It is a simple and yet natural form of therapy that helps with self-development, by helping people to create a calm discipline for the body to find its own way to soothe our busy minds and stressed bodies. It is an amazing technique to learn as it can be used to bring a better balance within your life – to bring you back to you.

This community has been created to share questions and thoughts about Reiki, to get help with your studies, or even to ask help for interpreting different messages you may receive during a session. This space is here to let you grow – so if you have any questions, uncertainties, interesting topics that you want to discuss, then this is the place to start. Come and join a community of others following a similar path. Follow this LINK to request to join the group. You will be asked a series of questions and to follow general rules to ensure the community stays a supportive and safe space for all. We look forward to seeing you there! It brings us a lot of joy and excitement to see everyone help each other, so don’t let anything hold you back.


True love is born from understanding – Buddha 


‘You are the Relationship’

This community is for those willing to explore themselves and their relationships, whether you are seeking advice, counselling, or a helping hand from those in a similar situation. You do not have to be in a romantic relationship in order to join this community, as this is a platform for you to build yourself up so you can do the same for others. Check back soon for this upcoming community.


Do your relationships make you feel wanted and loved?  Do they give you a feeling of finding a place where you belong? We naturally form a web of connections with work colleagues, families, friends, and partners, as we strive to form a way of creating strength and purpose from these relationships. When they don’t go well, we tend to close ourselves down. It can leave us in a place of isolation. We are sure you can all relate to this. However, to create the relationship we want with others, it is important to start building the relationship with – yes, you’ve guessed it – YOU. All great relationships start with SELF, and when you develop and hold a great relationship with yourself, the relationships around you also transform.

                                                The Importance of Belonging and Being Loved

This community will be a space for couples and individuals, to encourage strength and understanding within their relationships. Yvette Karan at YLK Mentors uses her own unique techniques to help her clients, and those couples who come to her, to fully look at what they value most in life. Sometimes just having a conversation with yourself – or maybe just life in general in this case – can enlighten you towards the next step.

If you would like to find out more and/or be updated about this Community please contact Yvette HERE



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