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Hi and welcome   to you all! This page is about the community groups that we are building on sites such as Facebook, Skype, and at some time in the future on Discord,  for the lovely community that has sprung up from YLK Mentors.

You, the community of people already existing and thriving as a result of our workshops and events, are at the heart of why we created these groups. Sometimes what is needed is a little guidance and support within a safe space filled with other like-minded individuals willing to share their own guidance and unique perspective. In these communities, you will be able to interact with our Team and ask any questions you wish – you may even wish to answer questions and help others yourself.

You will also have access to offers for future workshops and events and you will have the opportunity to connect with each other and support each other through the coming times.

Have a look at the different groups below…

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YLK Reiki Mentorship Group

Our Reiki mentorship group is here for people completing their Reiki One and Reiki Two studies, with guided sessions looking in detail at the course material that allows members to gain confidence and complete their course in their own time. This group is currently on Skype but is looking to expand and move onto Discord, so watch out for that!

Coursework is completed in your own time, but homework is often set and sessions focus on different exercises or aspects of the Reiki course that will allow you to connect with the Reiki, ask questions, and expand your understanding of how it all works. It is an annual subscription and sessions are set based on the schedules of the group’s members.

Each session lasts around 75 minutes and is placed in our events page.

Annual Fees:

**This is the fee on top of the Reiki course that you have already purchased. The mentorship group is an add on for people who have begun their Reiki journey**

£55 for an annual subscription that starts from the date of purchase.

Sometimes it is more about the journey and what we learn along this journey rather than the destination. Reiki  is a way to help yourself, to build your connection with your intuition and inner self. Sometimes this just means connecting to your inner thoughts and recognising where they are coming from.

Reiki  is a Japanese technique which is often used to reduce stress and help with relaxation. It is a simple and yet natural form of therapy that helps with self-development, by helping people to create a calm discipline for the body to find its own way to soothe our busy minds and stressed bodies. It is an amazing technique to learn as it can be used to bring a better balance within your life – to bring you back to you.

This mentorship group has been created to share questions and thoughts about Reiki, to get help with your studies, or even to ask help for interpreting different messages you may receive during a session. This space is here to let you grow – so if you have any questions, uncertainties, interesting topics that you want to discuss, then this is the place to start.

Come and join a community of others following a similar path. Follow this   LINK   to request to join the group. We look forward to seeing you there! It brings us a lot of joy and excitement to see everyone help each other, so don’t let anything hold you back.


True love is born from understanding – Buddha 




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