Mentorship: Reiki One Subscription


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This is the fee for a year’s subscription to the Reiki One Mentorship Group. This is for you if you are:

–          A Reiki One student who would like to continue being part of the mentoring group.

–          Certified in Reiki One but would like to be part of the mentoring group as a refresher.

–          Certified in Reiki One but would like to keep up their practice after completing the course inside the group.

–          Certified in Reiki one but are struggling to keep up the discipline of Reiki.

If you are wanting to do Reiki One for the first time, please check our other options on the Mentoring Group Page.

You will have access to the Reiki One Mentorship Group where you can interact with other students of different Reiki Levels and attend online sessions. Even if you have completed the course, you will still receive documents to participate in the online sessions. This mentorship course is not just about learning the practice of Reiki; it is about keeping up the practice of Reiki.

Phone: 0330 1132 739
Holly House, Queens Crescent,
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN1 1LR