The Tree Spread | Tarot Card Spread and Written Reading


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An Eleven Card Tarot Spread, delivered as a written Tarot Card Reading by Journey Through Tarot with Ruth Karan. The Tree Spread uses eleven cards and is designed to give you a detailed insight into your life at the present moment. It focuses on your role and perception of the present as you stand at the crossroads, allowing you to fully see where you are in order for you to move forward. If you are looking for an in-depth picture of the obstacles at hand and the possible paths you can take within your journey at the moment, then this spread will give you the guidance that you need.

The reading will be sent to you in a written format, in the layout of a letter, and provides explanations of the cards and an interpretation. Each reading is lengthy and detailed, giving you the understandings needed for your questions and intentions provided. It will be sent as a PDF via email within 36 hours of purchase and you will be sent an email after purchase with some questions on what you would like to receive from the reading. The tarot deck used is Dreams of Gaia.


You have to be 18 or older to receive a tarot reading and it is legally necessary for me to inform you that any tarot reading you receive is for entertainment purposes only. I am also not legally responsible for any decisions or actions that are made in relation to the information given from any tarot reading.

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