Creating the Connection – Meditation

It is amazing how we always use the phrase, ‘I’ll give myself time later’ or ‘I’ll set aside time for a meditation’, or a walk, or something for ourselves. From the moment we wake up, till the moment we go to bed, that is all our time. It is a funny concept that we don’t always have time, and yet that full day is all the time we have for ourselves – even when we are working, or doing things around the house or with our kids, that time is always there for us.

Imagine if you had been taught that while you were brushing your teeth, having a shower, eating your breakfast, driving to work, and at work, that you could meditate and be mindful in every single moment. Meditation in a way is about stilling the mind and the chatter, and the negative talk that you have with yourself. And mindfulness has always been about being mindful about what you are saying, how you are saying it, what you are telling yourself.

If we had been taught this, we wouldn’t have a need to set any time aside because we would have accepted that all the time that we have is at our disposal to meditate and be mindful – at any point of the day (although I’m sure we would find some other excuse). We have to learn to recognise why it is we tell ourselves that we will put time aside, but then never use that time. And sometimes it’s more about breathing, reconnecting to ourselves, and asking a simple question.

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it

– Leonardo da Vinci

A lot of people might then say – is this my head giving me an answer or is it my inner knowing/intuition. Basically, this is diverting ourselves from what we really need to see. And that is ourselves. As humans we are really great at diverting, and some of us then begin to take one small problem and create it into a bigger one without even realising it. This is often because of an anxiety or fear that it can create. We sometimes don’t want to face it, because we feel it is too great, too big. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to allow space to connect with yourself and work through the obstacles you are facing. This can be done at any time, any where.

The meditation is a short one – again, doesn’t require you to set aside time. Maybe you listen to it when you have a break at work, before you go to sleep, while you are watching the TV. See where it can fit into your life and the time you have, where you can ALLOW yourself the TIME to do it. It is designed for you to connect into your body and mind as this is the place clarity can be found. Clarity is never outside of us; it is always within us. Direction is within us, so is the answers we may be looking for.

Since you are the only one who knows the truth of yourself, allow yourself to build up that trust, connection, confidence, and self-reliance. Enjoy the meditation…

If it helps you then please feel free to share it with anyone.

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Love and Blessings,

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