Meditation for Being in the Moment

Meditation for Being in the Moment


We are more grounded when we allow ourselves to be who we are, and learn not to create a reality of who we are. When you own your past and present this then creates a deeper harmony with yourself and grounds you more.

When we allow the stillness of the mind, we then create a pathway to calmness, which in turn can still those negative thoughts that run in our heads. Give yourself a discipline of practising how to breathe; you can then learn how to become calm, focused and more positive in your future.

Bringing the awareness to yourself can enable you to direct your focus. It helps you to take charge of your own wellbeing. Use all the tools that you have available to open up all the possibilities that are there for you.

You can learn how to let go of troubles and emotions because you learn how to have them. When you allow this to come into your way of thinking your path becomes lighter, freer, and happier. Even learning to believe in you starts to open yourself to the universal energies, which have high understandings and this in itself helps you to see the true balance that is within us all.

My question that I would like to ask you all is do you believe that it is easy to allow your emotions to overtake you; do they then make you feel tired, depressed, and very heavy about life?

Can you also see that a part of this could be due to grief, which can come from many places: a death of a loved one, a pet, or a lost friendship, the loss of oneself through ill health, or the changing of one’s circumstances in life. However, how many of you are hard on yourself? Your mental thoughts can also tip you over and rule you.

This meditation is about bringing you to the moment and it is something we can often talk about, about being in the moment, but we don’t necessarily understand what it means or what it looks like. If you can imagine and see your life, you would probably be dashing from one point to another thinking about what you would need to do tomorrow or next week. You might even be looking at what didn’t go well for you in the previous weeks that have just been. However, this can go on day after day, minute after minute. And it can really throw you off balance. This isn’t being in the moment.

Being in the moment looks completely different. You may look at something from the past to improve it, but you feel settled. You may look for something that you want to achieve in the weeks to come, but you wouldn’t be whittling or worrying. You would be more focused, have a lot more clarity, and you would be more settled within yourself. You would have appreciation for everything that you have done or need to do. And you would extend an understanding to yourself of your efforts or where you are in the present moment; an understanding that is filled with compassion, both for yourself, others, and for the world around you.

It might seem like a lot to ask for or to possess. But when we are in the present moment, present within ourselves, we are more capable of going through the ups and downs of life, no matter how big or  small. Because most importantly we can understand that we are always in a state of movement and change, something we can flow with on a regular basis, coming to our own sense of self and inner power. 

With Love

Yvette xx


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