Meditation – The Return Journey of the Heart

Meditation of the Heart Chakra – Creating the Connection


The Return Journey of the Heart




Reiki offers a connection of the chakras to help heal and guide you through life, teaching you an incredibly useful discipline that will help you make time and space for you. Modern life can often make us feel all mixed up and thrown off balance, Reiki is a way to learn to bring that balanced connection back to your life. Life is forever moving and changing, and so grounding yourself with a deeper inner connection to yourself can guide you to where you want to be. That deep connection can then help you bring peace, clarity, direction, and understanding. An understanding that becomes clear through this journey.

My own journey was prompted by something my grandfather used to say to me…

“To get somewhere, you need to know what you want – what is your desired outcome?”

He would say that if you choose to walk blindly through life, then that’s okay. But if you want more, then you really need to wake up and know who you are. You need to create time and understanding of and for yourself so that you can truly reach a place of peace and connection. I have always used my grandfather’s words wisely and while training over the years in many different therapies, it all began to unfold for me. Over time I started to know what I wanted. A big part of that is also to know what you don’t want.

Have you heard the phrase many times before that it is not about the destination but the journey? This is true. There are many different ways, different roads and paths to follow, different disciplines and different hearts. One understanding can often be found in many. Sometimes it is as simple as just opening your eyes to see. To clearly see the lessons around you, the understanding and guidance that is on hand to help you.

Never be in a rush – truly you have time, you have the space, but most importantly, don’t ignore you. There is nothing more important in life than you. Allow yourself to face who you are and love everything there is about you. Allow yourself to feel peace with all that you have done and all that you think and know that you are – become friends with yourself, even if you feel you have made mistakes in the past. We all have. That is normal, it is natural and human, be friends with it. Learn not to judge who you are or the people who have helped you to become the way you are, whether you think or know their actions and your reactions to be good or bad. When you stand on the bridge of understanding, all things will become clear and open to you.

Ever feel something is missing – you may have found that you are or were looking for something, almost as if you feel something or someone is missing in your life – you may have no idea what it is or where to look – and as crazy as it sound it may be that you are in fact looking for YOU. You might have spent a long time looking for someone or something else that will give you love and understanding and a sense of completeness, but sometimes it’s actually the love and understanding of ourselves that we need to truly feel whole. Of course, all things that are missing could be valid, both people and experiences, and finding them can help our sense of wellbeing but sometimes finding  yourself amongst it all will actually reveal what you truly want out of life.

The heart is a magical place of fulfilment and joy but often people feel disappointment or pain in their heart chakra. When this happens, you may want to run away and think that you will be better without it. Often that’s not the case. If you walk to the pain instead of away and become friends with it, just as you would be friends with the love and the joy, you will see something different.

It may take a while but you can get there.

The heart chakra is open at the front of our body and at the back. All new things that happen flow through the front of the chakra and flows back out. So, if we close the back because of the pain and suffering, when the new things come through it is difficult for us to feel the joy as it mixes with the pain. If we close the front, nothing new can come in and we are stuck with the pain and the suffering again.

By creating the understanding and acknowledgement of the things that happen to us, whether we see or know it to be good or bad, will keep this flow open so we can experience all things with equal respect and acceptance.

So, as we sit on the bridge of decisions, choices, direction, clarity, love and compassion, try to understand that the heart is the bridge between the realms of the soul and the physical body. As you stand on the bridge in life, the guidance is truly within you here and now.

I have created this healing meditation inspired by a friend for opening the heart chakra and helping you achieve peace, clarity, direction, and understanding. Find a quiet moment in your day to take some time for you. Sit or lie down, be ready to listen, relax and open to deepening this link. It is my pleasure to share this with you and make it freely available for everyone to use.

If it helps you then please feel free to share it with anyone in need. All the questions and answers are within.

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Love and blessings,

Yvette Karan`



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