A Thought for You All

2021 brings a new start to a new year…with a new year people often see new opportunities, new adventures and, of course, new challenges! Some of you may have made new year resolutions and they may be the very thing that keeps you going. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself and not just in these strange times but always.


For some, the start of this year may have felt a little unexpected. For many, it would not have been a surprise.  Managing the reality of where we are with where we would like to be can be challenging, especially when some of the circumstances may be out of our control. The how’s and the when’s may rely on factors outside of your influence – your external world.  Being able to plan in the uncertainty we are facing at the moment is undoubtedly challenging. This is when tapping into your intuition, your inner knowing, can provide you with a great sense of calm, clarity, and understanding.

When you take the time to connect to yourself, whether it’s 5 minutes or 30, you drown out the outside world for a moment. Putting down deadlines, expectations, worries, emotions, and simply focusing on the present moment, allows you the chance to re-connect. It is in this moment of silence, a moment of stillness, when you regain your balance and focus. Ask a simple question such as “what matters most?” to help you. It is in this stillness that you are more likely to hear and pay attention to the answers. Practice this regularly and your intuitive side will grow and kick in naturally.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

You may ‘connect’ in many ways…for example you may go for a run, sit in meditation, spend time with a friend (albeit virtually at the moment!), do the housework, or spend time in the garden. To connect can mean different things to each of us and the method we use to put down the stresses, worries, and emotions of our day, and listen to our own self, will be different. It is about finding what allows you to quieten those well practised thoughts and reactions. For us, if you have followed our work for sometime (or even just a short time!), you will know we advocate the use of your breath. Those small moments of taking time to breathe fully, wholly and consciously really do add up!

If you would like to deepen your connection and develop a greater sense of knowing (intuition), then Reiki is a wonderful way to do this, whether this is receiving a reiki treatment or learning how to harness the reiki energy yourself (see our upcoming events).  Reiki can receive a bad press, being seen as woo-woo or a bit “airy fairy”, but the team at YLK Mentors are here to challenge that view and show you it really is quite logical.

Whatever way you choose to connect to you, we are encouraging you today to recognise when emotions are getting the better of you, when stress levels are rising or anxiety is creeping in and hit that pause button. Allow yourself to change the course of that thought process and connect

With love, the Team at YLK Mentors x


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