Ambassador : Hattie Rees

We’re really excited to introduce Hattie as a new member of our team.  As a nutritionalist, Hattie is here to guide you in every aspect of your relationship with food, health and wellbeing.  Hattie introduces herself below, contact Hattie here to enquire about her sessions.

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a First-class Bachelor (BSc) degree in Nutrition from the University of Leeds. I’ve also qualified as a Reiki practitioner.  I believe in a ‘whole-self’ approach to treatment using a combination of nutritional science and holistic teachings to improve your relationship with you, leading to an overall improved health and nutrition.

Growing up, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. My teenage years were plagued with periods of yo-yo dieting, starving myself, binging…you name it – all aspects of disordered eating. Unbeknown to myself at the time, I was using food as a form of control due to other things in my life which felt out of control. I was so unhappy.

This was not a way of life and I had to find my way out. This involved overhauling the relationship I had with myself. I had to ask myself who I was as a person and why I was that way. Healing involved addressing the root cause of my food issues, which I couldn’t previously see. Through steady progress, I stopped using food as a form of punishment or comfort and started having self-compassion and understanding for myself.

“The best relationship you can have is with yourself.”

Through my own healing, I became very interested in how what you eat can affect your mental wellbeing. From my own experiences, I can tell how different foods affect your mood. I also strongly empathise with feeling out of control when it comes to food. This gave me the desire to help others who may be struggling in the same way that I did.

It is my mission to help you reach an understanding of where your food issues have come from and therefore, how to overcome them. This will allow for the healing process to occur and you will be able to drop whatever has been burdening you once and for all.

With love, Hattie x

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Phone: 0330 1132 739
Holly House, Queens Crescent,
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN1 1LR