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Finding Your Resonance – Soul Note, Flower Symbolism & Oracle

May 11 @ 9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Join us for a collaboration between Yvette Karan and two of the Ambassadors here at YLK Mentors: Rachel Petheram of Catkin Flowers and Ruth Karan of Journey Through Tarot.

Finding Your Resonance is a workshop that uses symbolism and sound to help you understand where you are in life. Using the simple tools of sound, flowers, and oracle/tarot, you will be able to connect with a deeper understanding of self through intuitive practice and the guidance of your three hosts.


As we flow through each section of the workshop, you will discover the meditative qualities of sound and how it can be used to find your Soul Note; you will learn how to use your intuition to understand symbolism through Oracle cards; and you will connect with flowers, immersed in the surroundings of Rachel’s garden studio, to connect back to yourself.

After the workshop, you will be sent a reading of your individual Soul Note, Oracle card, and Flower picks, each with a unique explanation of what it means to you with an interpretation written by this workshop’s hosts. Catered towards you, this reading will be enriched with symbolism of your current journey in life, of where you have been and the pathway that lies ahead.

A workshop using the importance of sound and how it resonates with the body has been highly requested over the years. Yvette will be using the understanding of the chakras and resonant frequencies to explore the forces that are driving you forward, embodied in your Soul Note. The world of sound and vibrations has been commonly explored in connection with brain waves, meditative states, and levels of consciousness. With every living thing vibrating at its own frequency, it is no wonder that sound can be used to further explore our own inner selves, as well as the journey through life we are all taking. What is pulling you? What is driving you forward? What are you afraid of? The direction of our lives has an energy of its own in concordance with the energy of our chakras, our minds and our bodies. By interacting with sound, using sound bowls and meditation, you will be given the opportunity to discover your own Soul Note.

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Flowers have a beautiful way of helping us to understand where we might be stuck and how we can move forward. They have their own unique energetic signature that resonates with you and so the individual flowers you choose have meaning – you are drawn to them for a reason. There is a deep natural sense of symbolism in flowers, present in their growth and biological make-up, but also in how we as humans interact with the world around us. Flowers from Rachel’s cutting garden will be used to help you to find what is resonating with you, where you are blocked and how you can grow.



With Ruth Karan, you will be guided through the understandings of Oracle/Tarot and how the cards can be used for self-reflection and self-development within your own current journey. Tarot is a useful tool when used in tandem with your intuition, seeped in symbolism and imagery that allows you to dig deeper into the unconscious and subconscious minds.


Stood at the crossroads between past, present, and future, Tarot helps you to understand all facets of your life, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, from what has come before to what you can action now for the future.

You will be guided through an intuitive practice of Tarot and how to interpret the cards in front of you.


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May 11
9:30 am - 1:30 pm


YLK Mentors


Doddington Lincoln Catkinflowers
Phone: 0330 1132 739
Holly House, Queens Crescent,
United Kingdom, Lincoln, LN1 1LR