Help is so close …

Help is so close…

When you are going through periods of stress, struggle or confusion, facing challenges and obstacles in your life, it is easy to forget you are not alone.  We often witness people pushing through these periods hoping to keep going and pick themselves up on the other side…but what if there’s another way?

We are passionate about sharing how to embrace the challenges and overcome the obstacles that are presented in life.  After all, you can’t change what has happened but you can change how you feel about it. There are many different disciplines in life that help you change how you are affected by the circumstances around you and help you move forward.


You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.
― Roy T. Bennett


What if Reiki can show you the way?  Reiki is a very deep yet gentle way to help yourself, building your connection with yourself and your surroundings. It gives an awareness to you and your intuition (your inner knowing / gut feeling), enabling you to connect to the intention of what you are truly doing and gain clarity.


When you learn Reiki and use its principles you are helping both yourself and the people around you.  Reiki enables you to really see, and know yourself – how we as humans work and function. By understanding yourself, you will be able to understand other people easily and recognise the conscious and unconscious factors in people’s actions.  This is part of the key to helping you change how you feel about those things that are happening around you.


The Reiki discipline also gives you simple, easy to follow methods to allow you to remain calm, focused and clear in any situation.  Using the Reiki discipline you will gain a solid foundation and understanding from which to view your life.  Your confusion and anxiety levels reduce and you will face each day with a renewed vitality.


Reiki is many things to many different people.  When we teach Reiki we allow our students the space to reach their own understanding and definition of Reiki…instead we are clear that it is not ‘woo woo’…a form of mind control…a cult or religious belief!  A comment we hear time and time again is the principles themselves, the way YLK Mentors teach and share the guidance of Reiki, is so LOGICAL… many are surprised by this and love the simplicity.  It is true in life that we really can over complicate the simplest of things.  Helping yourself is simple, showing up for yourself is simple, the guidance is there…its the discipline and commitment of creating a new habit that will define how much Reiki can help you.


                          Let yourself be your own guide and begin your own journey with Reiki.


Reiki is taught in different levels: Reiki One, Reiki Two, Advanced and Masters.  The purpose for Reiki One is to connect to the self and help yourself build a solid foundation.  Reiki Two is about helping others and developing your own connection further (some complete this level to become a practitioner others purely for their own understanding).  If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself or you would like to experience Reiki used as a tool to help you please drop us a line HERE, we’d love to hear from you!

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