Gratitude #youlovekindness

Gratitude is the theme of our post, we are extremely grateful for the love and support of our colleagues and clients so we start with a heartfelt thank you. Find a little about our Ambassadors along with a tip on how to kickstart the New Year with purpose and focus….We know many of you are looking forward to waving 2020 goodbye it has undoubtedly brought about new challenges.  Yet in our experience with those challenges have come many lessons and reasons to be grateful.  It’s always important to recognise the challenges, acknowledge any pain or hardship relative to your own experience before letting this go and moving to gratitude.



We are sending a heart felt thank you to Kerry Burridge and our Ambassadors Rachel and Hattie for all their support in helping you maintain and develop a positive approach to your challenges, health and wellbeing this year. We would also like to thank all of our clients, current and old, for your continued support. We look forward to continuing to work with.


The love of food and healthy intuitive eating with Hattie :- 

Christmas is a time of cheer and joy and food. But in 2020, it’s been tough for many…Hattie has a natural way to help you learn to trust in your mind and your body. Get in touch with her, to help you begin that journey with trust in food.

This year, we have introduced Hattie Rees as an Ambassador of YLK Mentors in our virtual online Reiki sessions. Hattie is a Nutritionist using the ‘whole-self’ approach to treatment, combining nutritional science with holistic teachings. She is here to guide you in every aspect of your relationship with food, health and wellbeing. If you feel you have strayed away from what you feel is healthy, or you are unsure about your relationship with food, talk to Hattie about her Intuitive Eating. After completing her degree in Nutrition, Hattie completed her training with the London Centre of Intuitive Eating. This process includes mechanisms of coping with disordered eating habits, as well as rediscovering what hunger/fullness cues mean, ultimately leading to a lifestyle with no nutritional restrictions. Take that step and have a chat with Hattie to better fulfil your eating patterns. Look out for our Workshop with Hattie in the coming year…

Click here to find out more about Hattie’s approach and Intuitive Eating


Acknowledging trust and focus

We would like to thank Kerry Burridge for all her hard work this year despite the Pandemic. She has shown that if you put your mind  to it, you can achieve anything that you want to. We were talking to Kerry, late last year, about the reasons why people struggle with swimming and why they feel they can’t swim or why their kids can’t swim. The reason, as Kerry said, was lack of trust – lack of trust in themselves and their capabilities. She also explained to us, that it is about the story that people tell themselves. Kerry’s way of manoeuvring beyond this is not giving them a chance to think about it…to hesitate…to second guess their capabilities. Action, without thought, can bring out the best in people. Kerry has continued her own massage and bodywork business throughout this crazy year while continuing to teach people how to swim and overcome their fear of water.

With the sponsorship of YLK Mentors, Kerry has built up a new business – KB Swim and Coaching. With her determination and hard work, Kerry has managed to stay afloat, so to speak, and grow beyond what she ever expected.



Time to look after you in the best way you can…

Rachel from Catkin flowers work throughout this year has been all about love and care– she has some great exciting new work that she will be offering next year – she often reminds us of the importance of keeping occupied and nurturing our mental and emotional wellbeing amongst the parade of self-isolation, lockdowns, and social distancing. Connecting ourselves back to nature and the mental harmony we can find in letting go of stressful pressures is something that Rachel promotes through her work. We are sure that the trips you have managed to make outside of your house during this year have been crucial to your mental state, especially when it is focused on getting some fresh air and new surroundings. Find out more about Rachel here.


Time for Reflection…thoughts from Yvette & Lindsey 

Sometimes life can be so busy going from one task to the next you may feel you are constantly ticking the next item off the list without pausing to recognise the successes, fails, value and fulfilment each item may bring.  Before you know it a whole year has passed and you may be left wondering what you achieved!  No matter if you are well-practised in the skill of positive reflection or not, taking time to reflect on your whole year can have a great impact on what’s to come in 2021…

If you haven’t done this already perhaps schedule a little time in your diary (between the 26th and 31st December can work well) to sit quietly and consider the following questions:

  • What has this year taught me?
  • What has worked well for me….and what hasn’t? And (perhaps most importantly) at what cost?
  • What changes would I like to make?
  • What would I like to achieve in 2021?

Answering these questions honestly and constructively can really help you see what is important to you, what is fulfilling you, your beliefs, values and passion along with what you could let go of. Take time to reflect and step into 2021 with clarity, purpose and focus. We will be thinking and sending good thoughts out to you all. Love Yvette & Lindsey.

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