Guest – Lisa Brown on our Choices: “One Choice that we do have is how we respond to the situation we find ourselves in…”
Introducing Guest Blogger, Lisa Brown – Health & Fitness Guru

Exercising Regularly supports your immune system and releases those feel-good endorphins promoting your mental and emotional wellbeing.  Having admired Lisa and her work for years we are so pleased we are able to share her wisdom with you here.

Lisa Brown – Director of Innervate Health & Fitness, Owner of Coogee Gym, elite personal trainer. English by birth, Lisa studied Physical Education at the prestigious Exeter University. An innate wanderlust and teaching degree led her to Hong Kong, a seven year stint in an International School in the Middle East and eventually to her beloved Sydney, Australia. Here after a couple of years as Head of Primary PE and Sports at MLC School she followed her lifelong passion for exercise and jumped headfirst into the business of fitness. The first year she travelled around the parks and beaches of Sydney as a mobile outdoor PT. But soon she formed her company Innervate. At it’s peak the business employed 20 personal trainers servicing on average 200 sessions per week. Lisa is an educator, mentor and coach but her real jam is face-to-face PT. Her work is varied and ranges from turning a 75-year-old woman onto the physical and mental advantages of strength training to literally helping a client walk and thrive again after a horrific motorbike accident. The joy of helping people move without pain in strong and healthy bodies is the stuff that gets Lisa up at 4.55am every morning, that and a double shot cappuccino and Leroy Brown her black Labrador.


Layla one of my online personal training clients shared the following last week in our WhatsApp community group chat:

“I read today ‘it is inevitable that isolation will change your body …it is your choice whether that is for the better or the worse’ – we are choosing option A” Layla Lockie 

It struck me how powerful this was.  It can feel like many of our choices have been taken away.  Our governments are dictating what we are allowed to do, who we are allowed to see, where we go or not go.  We know this is essential for our health and the health of our World but the daily choices we are allowed to make have taken a massive nosedive.  One choice that we do have is how we respond to the situation we find ourselves in.  My gym is situated in a place called Coogee Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.  It is a small community space where everyone regardless of age, gender, experience, injury, level of fitness or background can get their groove on and achieve things that they never thought possible.  My jam is strength and like my bio says: I love to empower people to move better without pain in strong, kick-ass, healthy bodies.  I was observing what was happening around the World regarding COVID-19 and chatting to friends in the UK.  I knew that soon things would start to change here in Australia too and that my gym would be forced to close.  So I made a choice.  I chose to move my whole business online.  I thought I would have more time for this transition but things esculated pretty quickly and as the government made the call to close all gyms on the Sunday, I am proud to say that by the evening we were ready to rock and look after our community online the very next day.  A new way of working, communication and spreading my message of health, strength and fitness was born, overnight, just like that.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to make this choice.  For me exercise, healthy nutrition, quality sleep, controlling my stress is now a conditioned and habitual way of living but for many in my community it is not, throw a Worldwide Pandemic in the mix and you have a perfect excuse to disregard all of the above.  Here is where you have the opportunity to choose.  My client Layla made that choice.  She refers only to the physical aspect in her WhatsApp post but her choice to invest in her health and fitness has positive effects that reach way further than her body.  She has empowered herself to take control of the situation that she finds herself in.  She has chosen to look after herself by moving her body in a nourishing way thus boosting her immune system, improving her bone and muscle health, increasing her energy levels, promoting feel-good chemicals in her brain that can help improve her mood and enhance her self esteem.  She made the choice.  I take my role as a health practitioner and the leader of my community extremely seriously and I feel that now, more than ever people like me need to step up and be beacons of light and motivate and inspire others that struggle to make choices that will help them to thrive not just survive through these challenging times.  None of us are perfect; we don’t always make the right choices at the right time.  We are living through days that our generation has never experienced or could ever have imagined experiencing.  But here we are.  The many choices that we took for granted are not at our disposal at this time but we always have choices that we are in control of.

…’it is inevitable that isolation will change your body …it is your choice whether that is for the better or the worse’ – we are choosing option A”  Layla Lockie 

It is your choice. What do you choose?

Want to join our tribe? I am doing everything I can to look after as many people as possible regarding their health and fitness amongst the situation we are in.  I am so pumped to now be working with people from many different countries.  Would you like to jump in on our online workouts?

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